Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Embellishment Storage and Organization by Color

I've spent the last couple of days organizing my embellishments and thought I would share my system and some pictures. 

Themed Embellishments:
My themed embellishments (such as holidays, summer, beach, etc..) stay together.  I have small baskets for each one.

New Paper Collections:
Whenever I get a new paper collection, those embellishments stay together until I have used up most of the paper.

Stored by Type:
Washi, Ribbon, Sequins, Enamel Dots, Bling

Stored by Color:
After I've used up most of the papers in a collection or kit, I divide up the leftover stickers and ephemera and organize them by color. 

I also add any general non-themed supplies to the color drawers.

Each color drawer is then divided up into categories such as large pieces for layering, small/medium pieces, flowers, tags, labels, word stickers, flair, brads, etc...

The small boxes were made by:
1.  Cutting off the bottom of cereal and cracker boxes.  
2.  Some were made from white cardstock.
3.  The grey boxes are drawer dividers from Ikea. (I don't think they sell them anymore)

IKEA Alex Storage Drawers


  1. Thank you for sharing your organizational method and your color drawers! This is exactly what I have been searching for.

  2. I live your organization, perfect!

  3. This is amazing. I don't believe there would ever be enough drawers to organize all my die cuts and embellishments, however, I'm willing to try. I love this!