Monday, February 27, 2017

Scrap Room Tour

Hello. Welcome to my scrap room.

My room is located in a small office on the first floor of the house.  It's near the kitchen which is  convenient.  Luckily it has a door that can be closed to hide the mess that I always make when working on a project!

The wall above my desk is blank at the moment because I rearranged my room recently (the desk used to be under the window) and I'm still trying to decide what to put there.

I have two large bookshelves on each side of the room to store my paper and stickers.

The drawers are the Alex units from Ikea and I love them.  They hold all my tools, adhesives, embellishments, and any other random supplies.  They also provide counter space when I need more room.  

My desktop.

I keep the Thickers stored upright in this basket, on my desk, to make it easier to flip through and find what I'll be using.

I keep my paper in these 12 x 12 vertical paper holders. (They are made by a company called "Darice")  I like to pull out the individual paper holder and flip through it to find what I'm looking for.

More paper and sticker storage.

Washi Storage.  I like to keep them in a removable plastic container.  When I go to crops, I just grab the whole thing and take it with me.  I cut chipboard into strips and taped them into place to keep the washi from rolling around.

Stickles.  Same storage as the washi.  When I go to crops, I just pull the entire container out of the drawer and take it with me.  I also used chipboard again to keep the bottles of Stickles in their place.

Sequins and small brads.  I use clear containers that I found in the jewelry making (bead) section of the craft store.

Some of my embellishments are stored by color.  Inside each drawer, I have further divided them into trays for flowers, tags and paper for layering, large brads and buttons, etc..

I took most of the embellishments out of their original packaging.  Some of this stuff I've had for years and it wasn't getting used...  Now that I can see it, touch it, and go through it, it's finally getting used!

Thanks for taking a look at my room!


  1. Lovely and tidy and full of fun goodies. Love it!

  2. Wow! You are very organized! I just ordered some more storage units from so I have a lot of work ahead of me!

    1. Ha! It's funny you mentioned Stamp N Storage. I was just looking at their Drawer Cabinets. I am seriously thinking I need one or two.

  3. I love it! Great idea for beautiful storage.

  4. Love your room. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Where did you find those curtains, I love them.

  6. Hi Ashley what are the drawers called that you have under the window please

  7. Ashley, I too would love to know where you found the curtains. I absolutely love those.

  8. I have those curtains but had to make them. Bought fabric on ETSY.